Behind the Scenes with MirrorUpToNature Films

Listen (2016; dir. Benny Rendell)

"Sister" is about a tween alien on the run who finds sisterhood in a small town in upstate New York; while her outer-space captors are closing in. Directed, edited, and written by Benny Rendell, original score by Archie Lewis-Harris, and starring Fae Leonard-Mann as Sister. The short film has been selected for the 2017 Woodstock Film Festival, as well as the 2017 All American High School Film Festival and the 2017 New Filmmakers NY Festival

  • Written and directed by Benny Rendell
  • Original Score: Archie Lewis-Harris
  • Cast: Fae Leonard Mann, Zoe Frances Harvey, Georgia Dedolph, Maggie Heenan, Maia Weiss, Phoebe Ramaty, Jake Heenan, Archie Lewis-Harris, Benny Rendell, Memphis Bernstein Collins, Max Mielcarek, Maxwell Barnes, Rowan Dedolph, Brandon Sawhill-Aja, and Anna Von

Written and performed by AM4, Listen is a song about teen-bullying and its aftermath. The music video (shot and directed by Benny Rendell) was selected for the 2016 Williamsburg International Film Festival the 2016 Woodstock Film Festival. It also won a Silver Key in the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

  • Music by AM4 (Archie Lewis-Harris and Maia Weiss, and featuring Maxwell Barnes on tenor sax and Max Mielcarek on upright bass) 
  • Cast: Georgia Dedolph, Zoe Frances Harvey, and Fae Leonard Mann 

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Cracked (2016; dir. Benny Rendell)

Sister (2017; dir. Benny Rendell; original score Archie Lewis-Harris)

Cracked is a short film about a teen boy whose conspiracy theories might not be as far-fetched as they first seem. The film was selected for the 2016 Woodstock Film Festival and won a Gold Key in the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

  • Written and directed by thirteen year old Benny Rendell
  • Cinematography by Leo Lion
  • Music by Spooky Ghost
  • Cast: Jack Warren, Dante Kanter, Daniel Zuzworsky, Ayun Halliday, Robert Warren, and Bradley Lewis