MirrorUpToNature Films founder is fourteen-year old writer, director, and actor Benny Rendell

Benny is the writer, editor, and director of the short films "Sister" (selected for the 2017 Woodstock Film Festival, as well as the 2017 All American High School Film Festival and the 2017 New Filmmakers NY Festival) and "Cracked" (selected for the 2016 Woodstock Film Festival). He also directed a music video for "Listen," a song written and performed by AM4 about teen bullying and its aftermath, which was selected for the 2016 Williamsburg International Film Festivaland the 2016 Woodstock Film Festival. 

Benny has performed in over fourteen Shakespeare productions and five off-Broadway shows. He's played many and varied roles, including Malvolio, Oberon, Proteus, and the King of Hearts. In 2017, he won a National Youth Theater "Outstanding Lead Actor" award for his performance as Romeo in Firebird Theater's off-Broadway production of Romeo and Juliet. For his acting resume, click here.

Benny has been a student of the director and film teacher Carlo Mirabella-Davis for the last four years.

For his acting, Benny has trained with New Genesis Productions (for the last seven years), as well as the Lee Strasberg School and HB Studio in NYC.

​​MirrorUpToNature Films

​​​About MirrorUpToNature Films:

When advising a group of traveling players about acting, Shakespeare’s Hamlet famously warns them about the dangers of exaggeration and falsity in their performances. “The purpose of playing,” he tells them, is “to hold the mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.”

MirrorUpToNature Films is committed to holding up a mirror to today’s world, especially to the youth of today in all their beauty, vice, virtue, pain, happiness, comedy, and sensitivity.

​​​MirrorUpToNature Films Collaborators:

Musician and composer, Archie Lewis-Harris, has been working with MirrorUpToNature films for the past 3 years. Archie composed and performed the original score for "Sister," which was selected for the 2017 Woodstock Film Festival, as well as the All American High School Film Festival and the 2017 New Filmmakers NY Festival). Archie was also the composer and performer of the song "Listen," whose music video (directed and produced by Benny Rendell) was selected for a number of film festivals. An accomplished pianist and clarinet player, Archie is also a keen actor with New Genesis Productions Shakespeare Youth Theater, where he has played leading roles such as Lysander (Midsummer) and Sebastian (Twelfth Night).